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Clay Maitland Says There is a Commercial Shipping Turn-Around Taking Place

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In this 126th edition in the series, Clay maintains that there is a commercial shipping turn-around taking place and speculates as to whether there will be a typical capacity increase response through over-building that historically has contributed to a repetitive ‘Boom and Bust’ cycle in the maritime industry. He also addresses the increasing price of energy, maritime training and an increase in the number of IPO’s as it relates to this turn-around. Finally, Clay is presented a book by Michael P. Balzano, sent from the author himself, entitled’ “Building a New Majority” which advocates for apprenticeship training, something Clay has worked hard to foster in the maritime industry with his support of maritime high schools. Balzano served in the Nixon White House and was a campaign strategist for both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.
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The opinions expressed by Clay Maitland in the ‘Mondays with Maitland’ Video Series are the opinions of Clay Maitland and do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff and management of Maritime TV, or its parent network, TV Worldwide, Inc.
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