Life Planning for the Maritime Professional

Part 3: Updating the Plan with Assistance from an Outside Adviser

In this 3rd program/blog in the series, Dr. Cartner discusses the importance of developing and regularly updating a maritime professional’s life plan and to engage the assistance of an objective outside adviser, throughout the process.

What are the Components of a Life Plan

By John A.C. Cartner

What are the Components of a Life Plan

A life plan has two fundamental courses. The first course is one which deals with the expected and identifiable vagaries of life before they occur so that if something goes wrong there is some comfort that a plan – and often funding – is available to navigate through it. The second course comprises unexpected or events of low probability in time or magnitude which occur during the first course.

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What is life planning for maritime people?

By John A.C. Carter

What is life planning for maritime people?

I have been contemplating the maritime life for a while – 51 years to be close to exact. I entered Kings Point in 1965 and as the proverbial engineer that week could not spell “merchant marine.” In a wee I was becoming a mariner. Many turns of the screw and water under the bridge have passed but the essential conundrum of how to plan one’s life, career, money, marriage and family courses remains. How does one do that and make them all fit? As has been said, it ain’t easy.

What is Life Planning for Maritime People?
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